About The Project


Based on community interest and lack of resources, it is evident that a facility to house horses will be a welcome addition to the Lincoln County Arena Area. By expanding the existing Lincoln County Community Barn, 4-H and community members will have the opportunity to own and learn about horses while getting involved in agriculture, strengthening the community, and making healthy life choices.  


The Lincoln County  4-H, Kemmerer Riding Club, Lincoln County Road & Bridge, and Lincoln County Commissioners  have formed partnerships that  will ensure that this project will be a success and will benefit community members for years to come.


This project isn't possible without the wonderful support of our community! Funding for the barn expansion will be secured from multiple sources. If you are interested in donating please see the donor page or contact one of our board members! 

Contact Us

For more information about the project, or to help please contact us!

Jessica Bolerjack (Kemmerer Riding Club)


Phone: 307-723-0282

Miriam Feeley (Lincoln County 4-H) 


 Phone: 307-828-4092 

Drop us a line!